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All Around All Star

Paul DeJong is a name widely known in St. Louis yet also somehow remains a mystery at the same time. The Cardinals shortstop is a beast of a player on the field, more than earning his starting spot and even recently getting a nod to the 2019 All Star Game National League team which played in Cleveland this year. He was the only player to represent the birds on the bat at the All Star Game in 2019. The family oriented player took his parents and his sister to the midsummer festivities. When asked about the experience, Paul said that he wants the All Star Game to be his new standard, but going back as a starting shortstop rather than in the reserves. But aside from being a solid starter, he can seem like quite the enigma off the field.

Before being drafted, Paul attended Illinois State University (ISU) where he studied biochemistry and played baseball. During his time at ISU he was also named to the Academic All American Team which recognizes outstanding student athletes for their work in their studies as well as in their respective sports. DeJong is still a self proclaimed student of science even as he plays in the MLB. He actively uses science to help recover and stay game ready during the season, as well as to help be more balanced both on and off the field.

One study in particular he is using to stay baseball ready is sound frequency healing. Sound frequency healing is matching a frequency outside the body to your body’s natural healing frequencies. Keeping with his science studies, in the off season he has done experiments to see how heat effects baseballs and how different temperatures can stunt how far a baseball travels through the air. He has said that one thing he strives to do is show kids that they can be interested in science as well as baseball.

DeJong is a student of life, always looking at how the world works and seeing how he can take different tools and lessons and apply that to himself. He is currently learning Spanish with teammates Yairo Munoz and Jose Martinez. Sometimes he will also take interviews with Polo Ascencio and Bengie Molina, the Spanish radio broadcasters of the St. Louis Cardinals. Paul is always reading and learning, trying to have well rounded interests. From creative writing to playing the piano more to self sustainability, his interests are broad and intriguing. He is very keen on harvesting his own food and animals. He is drawn to independence and freedom.

The infielder also is involved in several causes to help better his communities in the offseason. Paul serves on the National Advisory Board of Positive Coaching Alliance. Their mission is to provide all youth athletes a positive, character building youth sports experience. Paul is also involved as a Music Man with the Palm Beach Symphony based in south Florida. The symphony provides access to music and instruments to kids in need across Palm Beach.

On the field Paul DeJong is a force to be reckoned with. As his skills at shortstop and in the box grow, so does his name in baseball households across the US. The All Star who also wants to one day win a Gold Glove for his position is also a force of nature outside the stadium, actively doing his part to better himself and the world we all share. A team player through and through, Paul DeJong is the epitome of what it means to wear the birds on the bat and is a true representative of the city of St. Louis and the Cardinals organization.

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