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How to Play #bombsaway

Traditional #bombsaway submissions:

#Bombsaway is only held for the first game of each series. Your submission is only
good for the first game of the series, and does not cover any games that take place
after the first game of the series.


In order to receive points for your submission, it must be submitted before the first pitch
of the game.


In order to receive points for your submission, it must include

  • the name/nickname of a Cardinals player who hits a home run during that game.

  • In order to receive extra points for your submission, it must also include the correct

inning and/or location (LF, CF, RF, etc.) of the home run.

Special #bombsaway submissions:

  • In order to receive points for a submission with multiple players, all players included in

the submission must hit a home run.

  • In order to receive double or triple points in the event that one player hits multiple

home runs, you must include that guess in your initial submission.

  • If you decide to guess a location that is not a traditional direction (LF, LCF, CF, RCF or

RF), the home run must land in that specific location in order to receive locational
points. For example, if you decide to guess that a home run lands in Big Mac Land, but
the ball lands in the left-field corner below Big Mac Land, you will not receive locational
points for that submission. However, if the ball does land in Big Mac Land, you will
receive 2 additional locational points.

Q: Why didn’t I receive points?
A: This is likely a mistake. If you are missing points, please DM @C70 on
Twitter and he will fix it ASAP.

Q: Is there a live #bombsaway leaderboard?
A: Yes! You can see where you rank here.

Q: Is there a prize?
A: Yes! At the end of the regular season, the top 3 players on the #bombsaway
leaderboard will receive prizes.

Introducing…..the #BombSquad.

Call it the add-on tier for #BombsAway.  For $5 (total, not per month), you can be part of the #BombSquad.  Which gets you these perks:

  1. Cash prizes.  However much money comes in for this, half of it will be set aside for a prize pool.  The top three #BombSquad members will split that pool at a 50/30/20 rate.  They are still eligible for the prizes that gifs has bestowed on the top three overall folks as well.

  2. Default pick.  How often have you just missed the cutoff?  Or completely forgot about making a pick?  With this option, you can set a default pick (for example, “Arenado in the 1st to left”) and if you don’t make a different selection, that one gets recorded for you.  So you can play even if you aren’t online to make a pick!

  3. Personalized stats.  Every #BombSquad member will get their own stat page.  Every pick listed.  Who are you using?  How often are you picking the right inning?  It’ll look something like this:

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