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Creator of Birds on the Black. 

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Tara Wellman 

Founder and President of the Kolten Wong Fan Club, because he's #good. Creator of Bird Seeds, including the (not) critically acclaimed series, "About Last Night." Tweeter of baseball sarcasm. John Mozeliak once accused me of wanting to DFA the entire roster. I mean... John. Buddy. Pal.

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Stew Stilez

An introverted maker of music you probably don’t like, pretty much eat chicken with every meal while drinking rally beers. I keep score and do the recaps you’ve probably never read for @birdsontheblack

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Ben Cerutti

Father. Teacher. Coach. Lover of baseball, hockey, college football, books, and food.


Kyle Reis

Host of Prospects after Dark. Writes about the minors. Odd shaped head. Obsessed with Mike Shildt. Ranks prospects, hates the comparison part. 

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Alex Crisafulli

Alex Crisafulli is a contributor for Birds on the Black. Alex also currently writes for the Cardinals blog STL Bullpen and has previously written at Viva El Birdos and Banished to the Pen. He is from Central Illinois, and currently lives in Washington, DC, with his wife, two kids, and Ozzie Smith baseball cards.

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Nicholas Childress

MBA student that has been in college for far too long. Cardinals fan until the day I'm buried in the ground. Doer of creativity through the graphics interchange format. Still not sure how I got the invite to BotB. Basically a protégé of @cardinalsgifs.

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Lucky guy.  Husband to a fantastic wife, father to one underwhelming son, stepdad to two girls, and dad to 4 amazing fur kids.  Geophysicist (seriously), foodie, application ecosystem nerd, and former mediocre athlete in three real sports plus golf.

When I’m not stressing myself by watching sportsball, I relax by cooking, reading, binge watching bad tv shows, and throwing things at the tv.

I’ve worked from home for the last 10+ years, and there is a 71% chance I’m not wearing company approved work attire.

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