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Series Preview: Cardinals @ Padres

Got your late-night coffee ready?

It's time to go west.

The Cardinals visit San Diego this weekend for four games with the Padres. Now, the Friars might not be the most competitive team on paper, but... well, neither were the Twins. And we all saw what happened there.

With a farm system bubbling with fresh talent, the Padres made some unexpected off season moves. And yet, it's still the young stars -- Franchy Cordero, mostly -- who are claiming all the highlights. Is that enough to take down the Molina-less Cardinals in sunny So Cal?

Chris Bauer (@SacBuntChris) has been writing about the Padres since 2007, so he's seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. And he joined me to discuss which one of those things this year will be.

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Sac Bunt Chris
Sac Bunt Chris
May 10, 2018

I had a blast!

Here is Dustin's article on Franchy that I mentioned:

One of the articles I was thinking of on Tyson Ross was actually by Jeff Sullivan: (He and Dustin had both recently written about Ross.)

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