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S1E2: Winter Wonder-Land || The Erica Weston Episode

In June, Erica Weston took on the unique challenge of joining a rollercoaster season with one of baseball's most storied teams in progress.

From the managerial change mid-season, to the historic August for Matt Carpenter, and the ultimately anti-climactic end to the summer, Erica had a front-row seat to the drama that was the 2018 St. Louis Cardinals.

And the drama didn't stop there, as she recently covered yet another in-season leadership change, this time for the St. Louis Blues.

Suffice it to say, life in The Lou has been anything but boring for the native West Coaster!

Taking a break from breaking news, though, Erica sat down with me to talk about her transition to the Fox Sports Midwest team, Barclay the Blues puppy, the new powder blues, and all those walk-offs she saw first hand. And, we wonder together about what the Cardinals will do to heat up the Hot Stove.


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