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S1E10: Winter Wonder-Land || the Polo Ascencio Episode

My Spanish is... how do you say... muy mal. (For now.) But Polo Ascencio -- whose Spanish AND English are fabuloso -- will be back in the broadcast booth this spring working alongside Bengie Molina, sending Cardinals game coverage across the radio waves around The Lou.

First, though, he's here, with me, talking everything from Boy Bands (yes, this is a call back to the last show with Brad Thompson!) to bobbleheads, and circling back to the Mexico series coming up in April.

For Polo, it's been a storybook journey to a career in baseball, and a single text message jumpstarted his transition to the booth for the Cardinals. Since those first two games in 2016, he's had some remarkable moments behind the mic, and he's handed out a few nicknames along the way.

(If his story about the very first game he called at Busch sounds familiar, you'll enjoy this reminder of that goosebump-inducing moment.)

And something else you'll pick up right from the start -- he LOVES this game, and he's excited (really excited!) to see Yadier "El Capitán" Molina and Jack "La Flama" Flaherty do their thing. I have a feeling it won't take long for Paul Goldschmidt to earn a nickname, too.

Plus, the Cardinals are headed to Mexico -- a trip that, for Polo, will be a homecoming of sorts. And as he reminds us, baseball is alive and well all around the globe. We just have to remember how fun it is. Be sure to follow Polo on twitter (@poloascencio) and instagram (@polosview) for more throughout the season!

As for me, ...¡voy a estudiar mi español ahora!


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