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Relatively Speaking: A *Special* Series Podcast

What could possibly be so *special* about this podcast.

Great question.

I do not have a good answer.

There are probably 200,000 podcasts out there so why would you want to dedicate a single minute of your life to a new one?

I do not know. Maybe you might enjoy something new in life...and if that is the case... I am happy to share with you Relatively Speaking.

CardsCards came to me with this idea that we do a podcast. His concept was we get relatives of St. Louis Cardinals players, past and present, to give us behind the scenes stories on what it was like growing up, or raising, or just being in the family of someone who has dawned, or is dawning, the Birds on the Bat.

I laughed, I said good luck, and about an hour later he says we got Goose Gyorko for our first guest. And the nice guy that CardsCards is brought along "Jedd Gyorko's #1 Fan". The one and only Lauren Bundy.

Id also like to take a moment and thank @friggencards for his contributions in making this podcast.

Also available on iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud.

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09 de mar. de 2018


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