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Prospect Q&A: Chat #2

Hey everyone!

Welcome to our second chat about prospects. We are creating an amazing little community here and I feel so damn privilege to be a part of it. You are all truly incredible.

We talked a healthy amount about:

- The 2017 Draft class

- Alcantara: More El Gallo or Rosie?

- Terry Fuller and Zach Jackson

- Tyler O'Neill

- Mercado or Sierra

- Ian Oxnevad

- Alcantara: More Rosenthal or El Gallo?

- Where Victor Garica and Sam Tewes sit in the organization.

- Is there too much depth in the outfield in the organization?

-Delvin Delvin Delvin Delvin Delvin

- Knizer or Kelly

- Archer's potential price


Also, thanks to some of the amazing staff over at The Redbird Daily: Adam Butler and Austin Lamb.

If you have any questions you should leave them in the comments section here or hit me up on Twitter at @kyler416 or feel free to email me at

Thanks For Watching!

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