Prospect Q&A: Chat #2

Hey everyone!

Welcome to our second chat about prospects. We are creating an amazing little community here and I feel so damn privilege to be a part of it. You are all truly incredible.

We talked a healthy amount about:

- The 2017 Draft class

- Alcantara: More El Gallo or Rosie?

- Terry Fuller and Zach Jackson

- Tyler O'Neill

- Mercado or Sierra

- Ian Oxnevad

- Alcantara: More Rosenthal or El Gallo?

- Where Victor Garica and Sam Tewes sit in the organization.

- Is there too much depth in the outfield in the organization?

-Delvin Delvin Delvin Delvin Delvin

- Knizer or Kelly

- Archer's potential price


Shout out to Troy Poole, Zach Poole, The Farmer Va La, Luke Flusche, Ryan Massey, Cardinals Rants, friggencards, Wyatt Waddell, ottograf314, Grant "G DUBB", Patrick McCrory, Barry Baker, and Rebbie Grill for their participation.

Also, thanks to some of the amazing staff over at The Redbird Daily: Adam Butler and Austin Lamb.

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Thanks For Watching!

Kyle Reis