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It's The Grind

The Cardinals are down. But... maybe not out. Not yet.

There's a moment in every great musical (I know, I know. Random. Stick with me...) when all seems lost. And then, this magical song is sung that brings both the characters and the audience to their feet, filling them with hope and clarity and determination. It's always that song that changes the course of the story.

That's how I imagine some of sport's greatest motivational speeches (fictional or factual).

Now, while I don't see Mike Matheny as a big motivational speech guy, he's definitely a cliché phrase guy. So, I took some creative liberties to construct for Cardinal Nation what the story-changing, motivational speech of songs might be like, were Mike Matheny to ever give one.

(Although... I'm not sure how motivational "Just keep grinding" can ever be. But, I digress.)

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Your talents are wasted on this dumpster fire of a team. Perhaps you could write a dirge called "85 wins, and fill the ballpark" (not all that catchy, I admit)?

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