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How do you screw this up?

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

You don't have to read this whole article. This is what the Cardinals should've done for their Away Saturday Jerseys.

As I sit here bored and uninspired to do anything productive I can't help but think 'How did they screw up something so simple". No, I am not talking about the front office one day waking up and thinking it was a good idea to pick up 33 year-old Matt Carpenters option and add another year onto it at a premium rate. It still doesn't seem real that the St. Louis Cardinals have an "Away Saturday Jersey". I guess in the back of my mind I just assume they will be gone next year.

I don't look down on other teams but I always felt that this gimmick was best suited for teams like the ______ or the ______, ya know, teams that need a gimmick to get extra $. Which is fine, I don't really care, baseball is a business. But how do you screw this up?

Let's reflect

I was excited. I was happy with the addition of the Home Saturday Jerseys (I believe they went 9-5 wearing them that first year, 2013). That "St. Louis", with the piping, the cream, I enjoy those. Incase you don't remember they were also #winning and they ended up representing them in the World Series and like Joe Schwarz recently said "Winning solves everything" .

Right away I am thinking "Okay, it's happening, they are bringing the pullovers back". See, I never got to see the St. Louis Cardinals wear those pullovers. With the red, white and blue trim. I love them. I always felt that everyone was yakked out when they made them and then decided to add the blue, but whatever, it was late 70's right? (If you know the actual story, please educate me)

And after slipping to 1-6 (winning 14% of the time) wearing the the "Bader Blues" I wonder if Bill Sr is looking at Bill Jr thinking

I highly doubt they have talked about the jerseys. It seems very much on par with everything the Cardinals organization has come to represent lately, which in my opinion, is a stagnant brand and organization from top to bottom. I remember Dewitt, Jr. saying something along the lines of "I had the prototype in my office for a year before it grew on me". So I figured, hey, give it a year and maybe they will grow on me as well. They haven't, but its only been a few months. Then I thought, hey, let me see how these bad boys look in person and then I'll really get a good idea.

I went to the San Diego series and witnessed them in person, which, to my surprise, I thought they looked a lot better. Also, I was happy to see the Cardinals in disguise after how disgusting they played the game (and the weeks) before. Unfortunately, something didn't seem right. From my seat there was a TV I could look at during the game that showed them up close and I thought "dang, that is not the same jersey" They do give off a more "old school" vibe in person. Look at the picture you can't tell how disgusting they look. No filter is added, the blue seems more like the old school blue, not a real high contrast and hue from the TV/ FSMW feed. Which made me think "Wait, I've heard this simile somewhere"

And I quote the legendary Cher Something from the movie Clueless

She's a full-on Monet. From far away it's okay, but up close its a big old mess.- Cher Something, Clueless.

This is exactly how I felt after seeing the Bader Blue's in person, and not the first time I have resonated with Clueless.

Cardinals should've just slapped the St. Louis Saturday logo on the chest of these pullovers and called it a day. Alternate the blue and gray.

Thanks for your time.


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