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Game 16 Recap Cardinals vs Christian Yelich

Christian Yelich ties Cards 7-7, Brewers win 10-7

I really don’t have much more to say than that, Christian Yelich. Maybe if I say his name enough the Cardinals will learn their lesson, Christian Yelich.

Ya see, Christian Yelich has been particularly great in five games against the Cardinals this season, putting up a slash line of .562/.739/1.938/2.677.

Yes, you read that right, I am not kidding. Yelich has collected 8 xbh, 7 HRs, and 15 rbi’s in those five games vs St. Louis.

Cool little tidbit my man @stlfanbc7 shot my way- The Cardinals could have walked Yelich intentionally every plate appearance they’ve faced him this year and his OPS would be 37% of what it is now when facing the Cardinals. That is incredible, jaw dropping honestly.

But so is pitching to Yelich tbh.

That’s pretty much the story tonight.

Both starting pitchers were terrible,

Hudson (3.2IP, 8 hits, 6er, 3 bb, 3 k’s, 2 hr)

and Peralta (3.1IP, 4 hits, 3er, 3 bb, 3 k’s, 2 hr).

Not how ya start, its how ya finish. And the Cardinals started good.

Goldy and Deez went back-to-back for an early 2 run lead in the 1st. Brewers got 6 back on Hud in the 2nd. Christian Yelich. Christian Yelich. Or something along those lines.

Ron Kulpa sucked per the usual, then he got a Junior Guerra fastball to the coconut and things got weirder with a 15 minute delay to transition to a three man crew.

Prince Sex and Mike Mayers both left the game with injuries, Prince Sex with an apparent right arm injury and still no word as I write this about Mayers.

My dude Swags is feelin’ himself right now coming off the Mexico series, blasting a dong off Hader in the 9th. I don’t know why (I actually do) but this gave me satisfaction with tonight’s loss.


Jack Flaherty (1-0, 2.93) looks to even the series up tomorrow evening against Brandon Woodruff (1-1, 6.00). First pitch 6:40pm c/t.

Cheers, Stew


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