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Game 120 Recap vs Nationals

So, Stew went to the game last night. I am late for work. Here is a quick recap of game 120.

I did that thing where I told him "hey take the night off man! you deserve it!" without really planning for no Stew. Luckily Jeff Jones came through for the scorecard.

A man of his word, Jeff sent the scorecard over. Which you can see better at the very bottom of this post. And I just wanted to take a moment and thank Jeff for doing that. So thank you, Jeff.

Lets get the show started, I have to be quick. Lets go!

Johnny G hit a 2 run bomb to give the birds a lead in the 2nd. Sorry, that would be John Gant. Yeah, typing the words doesnt make it feel any more real, but here is a video below for proof in case you missed it.

Wong had a lovely evening if I do say so myself. I mean, real lovely. Went 3-3 with a HR and a double, 3 RBI evening.

Tara, inspried by Wong. Churns this out mid game, feel free to stop reading this recap and go read it.

Anyways, Jedd doing Jedd things. The execution of this play reminds me how things are going right now for the Cardinals.

It got a little serious there for a moment, but Cardinals won. No Bud Norris this evening,

I don't get the post game feed so in case you don't either and you want to watch some of it, courtesy of FSMW da overlord, heres the Manager.

I do apologize I am running late for work. Here is Jeff's scorecard.

Game 120

is in the books

by cardinalsgifs


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