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Game 100 recap vs. Reds

Hello, @cardinalsgifs here.

For the 10 people that read the recaps I am sure this is a shock. You are thinking "Where is Stew?" and "Who will give me updates on 'Swags' Ozuna and 'Trap House' Gyorko".

I figured he's done roughly 99 straight recaps, he can take a series off. Also, he told me he was busy recording a music video and cooking in the studio. But let it be known he did put up a fight to have this series off. You're a good guy Stew.

So. It worked out well. I am not a writer. I figured I would just embed tweets, no big deal. Then I realized "dang, who is going to do the scorecard".

I reached out and was very happy to get the thumbs up from the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals, Dan McLaughlin. So thank you Dan! Really nice of you to provide that for this recap.

I have avoided the recap long enough, so, here we go.

If you don't want to read tweets. Ill keep it simple.

Ponce de Leon did not give up a hit in 7 innings, his MLB debut.
The Cardinals were 1 out away from winning 1-0.
They lost 2-1.
It was the one month anniversary of Jack Flaherty throwing a no-no into the 7th inning (13 K game vs Brewers) remember? The one that ended with the walk off home run and the camera man goes to Matheny with the look of defeat on his face, no? You'd remember if you click that link above. Well, Cardinals lost that game, also. 2-1. Norris with the loss.


Language, Nicholas, there are children on this site.

Ponce de Dad was in attendance to see his son pitch this incredible game.

Alex doesn't want him to leave.

Very memorable MLB debut for Daniel Ponce De Leon.

Newest, official, member of the site Ben Cerutti chimed in on the outing. Great stuff.

I was really hoping that the Cardinals would start treating Tara better. She deserves it. And selfishly I miss the "about last night" texts and all the drama in their relationship.

Ill pass the microphone to Chuck to see what he had to say about the game.

I was not aware of this Chuck. You really got put to the test this game.

Ok. I think this counts as not complaining. Cutting it close. But. You, technically, are not the one complaining.

I recommend the Ben & Jerry's "Salted Caramel Core" that way you can't taste the tears.

And I'll end with CardsCards looking at the positives. Like he is known for.

Game 99 is "in the books"

this has been @cardinalsgifs.

I have no scorecard for the next game so if you do those , hit me up.

I reached out to Goold, but he has not responded.


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