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Do good. Give back. #BeLikeMik

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

There is power in numbers.

This season, the staff at Birds on the Black is hoping to put that power to good use... with your help.

Miles and Lauren Mikolas began a project last season, via Big League Impact, to help support the U.S. Refuge Home - a place for survivors of sex trafficking to find safety and the help they need to reclaim their lives.

According to the website,

The Home provides trafficked little girls and young women with not only a warm safe place to live but additional support in the form of professional counseling, life skills classes, access to critical medical and community resources and eventually, healing. We are committed to each girl and the new life she deserves. Since December 2012, through the U.S. Refuge Home, our partners have enabled us to help more than 170 girls rescued from sexual slavery.

But the program -- and the Mikolas family -- hopes to do even more. This year, Miles and Lauren's goal is to fully fund an important remodel of the home that would provide care and support for even more women who have been trafficked in the greater St. Louis area.

Our goal is to help get them there, one Mikolas start at a time.

Throughout the season, we'll be incorporating our own special #BeLikeMik projects to put the power of our numbers to work to chip away at the approximately $5,000 needed to reach the "fully funded" mark. While Miles goes to work on the mound, we'll be rallying the ever-generous Cardinals community around his cause.

His cause is now our cause.

And we can't wait to see how, with your help, The Refuge Home can change (and quite literally save) lives.

To jumpstart our adopted project, keep an eye on the Birds on the Black twitter account (@birdsontheblack) on Opening Day. We'll be live tweeting as Miles makes the season-opening start and offering "performance based" donation ideas such as....

  • For each strikeout -- $1

  • For each GIDP -- $2

  • For each scoreless inning tossed -- $3

  • For a walk-free outing -- $4

  • For 5+ innings pitched -- $5

  • BONUS: For a MikBomb© -- $10

But, feel free to get creative and show us how you're donating! And if you do join in, send us a screenshot of your donation receipt and we'll keep a running tally of Cardinal Nation's impact all season.

Plus, be on the lookout for special merch and more as we try to #BeLikeMik and do our part in making a big (league) impact on this community... starting with this first round of "Birds" t-shirts, featuring a female Cardinal in the Birds on the Black logo!

To learn more about The Refuge Home, CLICK HERE.

To make a donation to Miles's campaign, CLICK HERE.


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