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Chirps: What Will Carlos Do Next?!

Carlos Martínez.

Is there a starting pitcher in baseball that draws so much ire from fans and front offices alike?

Talent for days, questions for miles.

This year is no different. Carlos Martínez -- statistically the Cardinals' best starting pitcher since 2015 -- is once again in the familiar position of having both his ability and his mentality questioned, this time with the returning bonus of a role change hanging in the balance.

On this week's show, Alex and Tara discuss this spring's biggest story thus far -- Is Carlos Martínez more valuable as a starter or a reliever?

  • Where is this question coming from?

  • What would the bullpen look like with Martínez in the mix?

  • But... isn't he a really good starter?

  • Is this evidence of a fractured relationship between the uber-talented righty and the always-cautious front office?

And don't miss the Chirp of the Week (it's about Kolten Wong, and it wasn't even Tara's idea!)

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