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St. Louis Cardinals 2019 Batting Order - For Fun

Nobody will claim this cover art, but me. I did it. Sorry.

There seems to be a lot of consternation and debate about what the “everyday” batting order should be for the St. Louis Cardinals in 2019. Mike Shildt stirred the pot or stoked the flames a bit when (in his Winter Warm Up appearance) he mentioned seemingly everyone’s name except Matt Carpenter (Shildt mentioned at leadoff) and Marcell Ozuna (assumed 4th in the order as he was last year) as people that could hit 2nd in the order this year. (No really, he mentioned Paul DeJong, Dexter Fowler, Jose Martinez, Yadier Molina, Kolten Wong, and Harrison Bader for sure. I could be forgetting some.)My look in on this topic here will be, of course, statistical in nature. However, this is simply fluff, though. For fun. For just a quick view of “how well have players hit at different places in the lineup in the past?” It’s really just a “I compiled it so you don’t have to” look at CAREER NUMBERS for your favorite team’s players that is forthcoming. Take it as that, nothing more, and this will be much more fun and interesting.

Paul Goldschmidt has hit very well in the #3 hole in the order in a LOT of plate appearances. He has batted 2nd in his career. Not often. He was very successful when he did that - and it was recently as all but one of the PA batting second in the order occurred in the 2018 season.

Marcell Ozuna seems to be best built for the 5 hole - at least thus far in his career. If you believe in the 91 PA sample, then maybe he could hit second as well. I would prefer him at #5.

The 6th spot in the order has been most kind to Paul DeJong in his short career. Of course, it’d be nice to see him batting 3rd if he could put up his 6 hole numbers batting in that spot.

Batting 6th seems to work well for Yadier Molina as well. The 5th, 2nd, and 7th holes are nearly as nice for him in his career. Professional hitter. Hits anywhere.

I really love Kolten Wong batting 9th. I really do. He seems to like hitting there and has done very well batting 7th as well.

Harrison Bader hasn’t hit much anywhere outside of #7 and #8. He’s hit really well batting 7th. He hit really well batting 2nd in 12 starts. REALLY well.

Matt Carpenter leads off. For the good and the bad, this is why. Oh yeah. Look at those 6 hole numbers just for fun!

Dexter Fowler really didn’t mind those 4 and 5 holes in 2017 did he? Damn those numbers are fiiiiine there.

The #2 and #7 holes have been where Jedd Gyorko has fit in best - but those have been quite small samples.

They’re all really uber small samples for Yairo Munoz, but that 7 hole is rockin’!

Speaking of small samples, however: How ‘bout that 4-hole Tyler O’Neill?

Um...Drew Robinson is basically a pinch hitter for life, eh?


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