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A Positive October - Day 8


If I can keep it up all month, 31 days of positive posts! There's going to be enough negativity going around with the Cardinals not in the post-season.

Day 8

Today's topic probably doesn't need any more press around these parts. I mean, less than a month ago started #YadiWeek.

I'm going to link you back to here to see more about him. I don't do this because I can't find more to write about him. I don't do this to take the lazy way out. I don't do this for any other reason than those articles share much more about Yadier Molina than I can even think to come up with about the man, the myth, the legend, dare I say the GOAT, Yadier Molina.

My favorite stat of Yadi's from 2018 is that he is now 36 years old and while I hurt myself climbing out of bed in the morning occasionally at 38 years old, Yadi just completed 123 games of baseball (only the 4th lowest season in his career not including his rookie year) despite being knocked out for 26 games due to a foul-tipped Jordan Hicks 104 mph fastball nearly castrating him. Also, we have him for two more seasons. What up?!?!?

Positive October Day 8, in the books!

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