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2022 Projections Overview

For the 2022 season, I'm going to try something a little different here. I have never done this, but think that this year is as good as any to start a new tradition. In addition to the many projections posts that will follow with individual Cardinals players' seasons being projected, this year we're going to do a general overview. There will not be too much more to this post than that. I will not be putting much analysis into this one, nor really general thoughts on what I see there. Two important notes to start.

  1. This will put all of the THE CERUTTI projections in one place for quick reference for anyone that wants to see them and compare them to what is really happening as the year goes along. Remember, in the past I have done THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE CERUTTI - with THE BAD being approximately 10% worse than the actual projection and THE GOOD being approximately 10% better than the actual projection.

  2. This year, during my projections, I will not be predicting playing time for each individual. Instead, this is what my system spits out for plate appearances, so when you see a guy in the low minors (like a Jordan Walker) who will likely not even sniff a major league debut in 2022, take it as just what this guy could do given the opportunity in 2022, not that he will get (checks notes) 210 PA in 2022 with the MLB club.

Without further ado here they are broken up by category.




Starting Pitchers

Relief Pitchers

Make what conclusions you would like to from this data. More importantly, discuss it with me and anyone else who will listen because it's FUN! Enjoy.


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