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The Definitive Ranking of Yadi Hugs

Without an adieu whatsoever, here are the 10 best Yadier Molina hugs ranked in whatever order I damn well please.

#10 - Matt Bowman and the "I'm sorry your arm will fall off soon" hug.

"Mr. Molina, I don't feel so good."

#9 - Tony LaRussa's "Thanks for making me look good" hug.

"Thanks for running things, Yadi. You should be in good hands with Matheny...""

#8 - Trevor Rosenthal and the "Aww, c'mon over here big guy" hug.

"C'mere ya' big lug."

#7 - Chris Carpenter and the "I'm not crying, you're crying" hug.

*sniff sniff....Miss you, Carp.

#6 - Wainwright and the "Prelude to a hug" hug after finishing off game 5 of the 2013 NLDS against the Pirates.

"Oh, baby. We gonna do the chicken dance tonight!"

#5 - Matt Holliday and the "In the company of burly men" hug.

"You feel strong and very firm like bull."

#4 - Albert Pujols and the "Big brother" hug.

"Brothers don't shake hands. Brothers gotta hug!"

#3 - Jason Motte and the "2011 Game 7 World Series can't believe we didn't lose in game 6" hug.

"Chest bump on 3! 1....2...*ouch*."

#2 - Adam Wainwright and the "You jumped, and I'm still taller than you hug" after winning the 2006 World Series.

"I'm practically on my tiptoes here. You always seemed much bigger than this."

#1 - Molina and the "About to hug every single person in Puerto Rico after this WBC championship" hug-in-waiting.

"First I'm going to high-five every person on my team, then I'm going to go around Puerto Rico and hug all the people."


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