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The Cardinals are proof that Mondays are good

It's time for the important stuff.

I recently went down the deepest rabbit hole in the wide world of advanced statistics to crunch the numbers on how the Cardinals did on each day of the week in 2019. You get all that? Because that's all we're doing here.

*Cliff Booth voice*...And away we go:

Sunday: 16-12

Monday: 14-2

Tuesday: 11-12

Wednesday: 12-13

Thursday: 13-6

Friday: 12-11

Saturday: 13-15

Huh. The Cardinals only lost twice on Mondays the entire 2019 season: April 15 at Milwaukee and August 5 at Dodger Stadium. That's good for a 142-win pace for the season. Thing is, I have absolutely zero recollection of the team dominating on Mondays. I didn't notice this at all in real time. Is that weird? Maybe not. Perhaps this isn't a thing we're supposed to notice. Perhaps this isn't very important.

Regardless, Monday was good to us in 2019. Or maybe Tuesdays were better since that's the day we got to bask in the glow of all those wins? Which is the superior day? I dunno. This probably didn't need to be written.

To justify your click, I helpfully arranged a few songs with days of the week in the title.


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