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Series Preview: Brewers vs. Cardinals, Round 2

For the second time in as many weeks. the Cardinals face off against their division rivals... this time, at home.

With the Cardinals coming off of a disappointing loss in the series finale with the Diamondbacks, will they find their offensive firepower against the ever-evolving Brewers pitching staff?

Or will the Crew find a way to jumpstart their floundering offense, even in the absence of Christian Yelich, and bring some unwanted fireworks to Busch?

Never fear, Kyle Lesniewski is here to get you up to speed on everything that's happened (spoiler alert: it's a lot!) since the Cardinals left Milwaukee a week ago.

Follow Kyle on Twitter (@brewerfan28), and read his work at Brew Crew Ball and BP Milwaukee. (Seriously... do it. As far as Brewers fans go, Kyle's pretty cool.)


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