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S1E9: Winter Wonder-Land || The Brad Thompson Episode

"Any move we would make now would sort of complicate things," John Mozeliak told STL Post-Dispatch writer Rick Hummel this week.

Frankly, what' *isn't* complicated about this offseason, Mo?

With Bryce Harper and Manny Machado theoretically holding up the Free Agent market, and the Cardinals publicly backing further and further away from both superstars, Brad Thompson (@bthompson84) joins the show to talk about just how "complicated" works in baseball right now... and how the Cardinals COULD use it to their advantage.

We talk boy bands (yes, boy bands), free agents, front offices, starters, relievers, pitches, roles, and yes, Bryce Harper. Because it's a rule.

Baseball is hard. The business of baseball is complicated. Both are facts... neither is inherently bad.

What do you think happens in the next CBA? And, how complicated would you be willing to make things if you were GM for a day?


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