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S1E4: Winter Wonder-Land || The Craig Mish Episode

Last winter, Craig Mish became something of a St. Louis celebrity with his coverage of the Giancarlo Stanton pursuit, and the breaking of the Marcell Ozuna trade.

This winter, there isn't so much to report on the Marlins-Cardinals beat, but that doesn't keep Craig (@CraigMish) from wondering with me about the offseason. As he prepares for Las Vegas next week, Craig is tracking multiple stories, including some of interest to St. Louis fans.

In this episode, we discuss the Paul Goldschmidt trade, the latest Bryce Harper rumors, the future of Alex Reyes, the pressure on Ozuna in 2019, and the reality of what actually happens at the Winter Meetings. And look out for the Bird Seeds Exclusive at the end! *wink, wink*


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