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Q&A With Cardinals' 3B Prospect Evan Mendoza

On Saturday April 21st, I was fortunate enough to talk to Cardinals' third base prospect Evan Mendoza. Mendoza was the Cardinals 11th round pick in the 2017 draft out of NC State. Mendoza is my personal #20 prospect in the organization and he is also prospect #23 on our "Dirty 30" list.

After being drafted, Mendoza set the Cardinals organization on fire. First, at State College where he won a batting title. Then at Peoria following a late season promotion. Now, Mendoza is a 21 year old playing for Palm Beach in the Florida State League. That is an advanced promotion for a player of his age and experience. That should tip you off about how the organization views the brightness of this young man's future.

Evan is a bright young man with a terrific outlook on both baseball and life and talking to him was a pleasure.

During the interview, Mr. Mendoza and I talk about:

- The hot start that he's at this season.

- Major League instructs, Spring Training, and Cardinals S.T.E.P Camp.

- Evan's well know work ethic.

- Evan's transition from pitching to playing the field everyday in college.

- His time in the Cape Cod League.

- What he worked on during his first post-draft offseason.

- His relationship with Cardinals prospect Andrew Knizner, who is also an NC State alum.

- NC State, and the positive impact that deciding to go there has had on him.

- Evan getting to play in front of his family this season because of the Palm Beach assignment.

- What he views as the area in his game that needs the most work.

- The minor league grind and what it means to be a minor leaguer.

- Fortnite.

- If baseball is still as much fun now as it was as a kid.

Follow Evan Mendoza on Twitter at e_mendoza18. Keep a close eye on this young man because he's going to be a name to know. A big thanks to Joe Schwarz for helping to facilitate this interview!

Thanks For Listening And Reading!


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