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*Podcast* Relatively Speaking w/ Curt Flood, Jr.

Relatively Speaking w/ @StlCardsCards and @tarawellman is also available on apple itunes/overcast

Curt Flood should have lived a dream life. Athletic, smart, driven, and artistic, Flood could have been successful in any number of areas. Baseball was his choice, where he proved to be a gifted Center Fielder, a World Champion, a star player, and hero to many. Flood earned the life any of us would have dreamed of.

But the world kept pushing back. Segregated hotels, prejudiced owners, racist landlords, a missed fly ball at the worst time, and a lawsuit no one ever expected he’d, where he knew he’s lose everything. And did.

Curt Flood Jr. lived through a different side of his father’s legacy. From love, to sadness, to resentment, to peace, Flood Jr. tells us the story of his father from the point of view of a son of a controversial black superstar through the 60s and 70s.

Forgotten by baseball, ignored by the Hall of Fame, Flood Jr. tells us his quest to get his dad enshrined and honored by Major League Baseball for the heroic stamp he left on the game – even if he’d rather his father have had a normal job, so he could have been at home.

Honest, funny, engaging, insightful, and with perspective only time can bring, you’ll want to hear what Curt Flood Jr. has to say.


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