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Mid-Season Dirty Thirty-Five: Prospect #9

Since this is the mid-season write-up, it's just a quick overview of the player. When we get to the preseason re ranking in the offseason, they'll be a lot more involved.

Stats are current as of 8/4/2019.

All write-ups were published during all-star week.

Prospect #9: LHP Genesis Cabrera

Memphis Redbirds

Acquired as part of the trade that sent Tommy Pham to the Rays

Age 22

OK, we get it: you hate Genesis Cabrera because he was traded for Tommy Pham. OK, we get it: regardless of how well Cabrera does, you're never going to accept him because he was traded for Tommy Pham.

Actually, you know what? That's fair. Feel that way. I get it. I really do! It sucks, but I get it. I, too, often pick the childish and emotional path over the more adult decision. DIDN'T YOU READ THAT MESS OF A WRITE-UP ON ANGEL RONDON?!?! However, if I may, I'd ask that you view Mr. Cabrera as his own entity. Cabrera definitely has a lot of work to do in the command department, and we've learned that he has a tendency to tip his pitches.

But have you seen his junk? Wait, not his "junk". I mean, yeah, his junk, but what I mean is the life on his pitches?! He's as lively and as electric of an arm as the organization has.

And, you're right; that doesn't do anyone any good if he can't command it. Please trust me when I tell you that Cabrera has already made strides with his command since entering the organization. It's still below average, but not substantially below average like it was a year ago.

Here's a little @cardinalsgifs magic for ya:

The strides that he's made are small, but they're there. He's still only 22 year's old, and the only two mistakes that he's made are being traded for Tommy Pham and doing so well in The Mexican Winter League that we as fans, and the Cardinals as an organization, rushed our/their expectations and timeline of him.

As a member of the 40-man, who has already made a major league debut, I can promise you that St. Louis hasn't seen the last of Genesis in 2019. If not before September, then during the stretch run. It might not seem like it right now, but Cabrera is going to be a valuable major league asset for years to come. That it happened sooner than it should have should not be something to hold against him.

Now, that's not to cloud the truth: Cabrera will never possess anything more than average command as a starter. That's the ceiling for his command. As a reliever, he has the chance to be slightly above-average command-wise, but we now know with certainty that's what his ceiling is. Still, with the curve/change/fastball combo and a fastball that can get into the high 90's, average command will be enough to make him a major league contributor.

Thanks to Fangraph for the stats!

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