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Game 90 - Dbacks vs Birds

Tyler O'Neill came to play

Howdy, Stew, as well as Kyle, Tara and Nick, are at the stadium for UCB Night or Blogger day, not sure what it is called but I think its UCB night. So you get me, cardinalsgifs, to recap a winner. Sorry Stew.

First and foremost shout out to Lauren for handling scorebook duty.

So thank you.

We kick off the scoring in the bottom of the first... can't remember the last time that happened, but since Kyle was at the game you just had a feeling it was going to be a magical night with O'Neill in the line up

and it was, as he followed the 2 run double with a two run oppo-taco bomb in the 3rd

Hudson pitched good. He went 6, gave up two earned, unfortunately walked 4 but not terrible considering he only gave up 3 hits. Try to see the positives. I don't remember a double play being turned either, which I am probably wrong about but with Hudson it almost seems guaranteed and I am too lazy to look so lets just say he did turn one, or two. I dunno. In the 2nd inning with bases loaded, one out, he did some great work vs Dyson to get the out.

I have already gone over all the offense that took place thanks to 100% Maple, Prince Sex, Tyler O'Neill, so lets just gush over some more Hudson, Gallegos, and Carlos to finish this game recap.

Typically when Joe says that he is either drunk, correct, and often times both, love ya Joe. Really, after that K in the 2nd with bases loaded Hudson really went cruising.

He was relieved Don Giovanny Gallegos 🌹, and honestly the man just went out there and destroyed.

Don Gio went 1.2, with 2 Ks, 1H, 0 earned and got help from Paul Goldschmidt to save a run.

And here you will find the best representation of Gallegos tonight, and all season it seems.

Carlos came into relieve a failed Andrew Miller, walked his guy, and pitched 1.1 to close it out with 3 k's. Carlos was Carlos, and for those that are fans of Carlos Martínez I know they know what I mean when I say that. Here is a visual for those that don't.

I left a lot out, but not really. The Cardinals won. Other things to make a note of, Matt Carpenter got the golden sombrero and I am just depressed about it. Just, I don't even know. Can only imagine how he feels.

Thats pretty much it. I hate writing. Here's Tyler O'Neill probably looking up at the box score and admiring the fact that he drove in all 4 runs, as I would be doing as well.

If you are still reading, let me say I love you, and you might enjoy this. Here is Tara, Kyle, Stew, NChill and others doing a live persicope during the game because it was UCB Night at the stadium. Or United Cardinals Bloggers night? Or Bloggers Night? You get the jist.


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