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Game 29 Recap - Cardinals @ Nationals

Waino delivers 4th QS as the Cards put together their 10th comeback victory of the season, defeating the Nats 3-2

Two veterans battled things out tonight at Nationals Park, Waino vs Aníbal Sánchez. Sánchez has been dealing with a little command issue thru his first few starts, and that problem certainly did not follow him into tonight’s start.

Sánchez punched out 6 Cardinals (Carp twice looking at a cutter) thru his first 3 innings, giving up one base hit to RF to Cafecíto.

Waino would throw his buck nasty Uncle Charlie 33% of the time this evening, the highest percentage of any of his arsenal. It was just another one of those starts where he had to adjust a couple of times, and was able to figure it out and settle in while being efficient with his pitch count. Waino would throw 80 pitches this evening, throwing 55 strikes. Here was his pitch usage via : (Curve 33%, Sinker 29%, 4SFB 19%, Cutter 16%)

Waino even threw four innings that were 10 pitch innings or fewer. He strung together a 10 pitch 1st inning, striking out two to begin the evening, getting Eaton on the good ole Uncle Charlie and Soto looking at a good four-seamer.

The Nats would threaten to get on the board in the bottom of the 2nd, getting things going with back-to-back base hits from Big City and Suzuki. Waino would then pick up his 3rd k of the night, getting Kieboom looking at a sinker. Carp would help his starter out with some solid defense (since he seems a little stuck at the plate right now, but he will be fine), barehanding a slow chopped grounder from Dozier, throwing him out on a strong throw across the diamond to Goldy. With two outs and first base open and Sánchez up next, the Cards would put Difo on base for free to get to the pitcher. Waino showed off his Jordan Binnington imitation, kicking a little pad save on a comeback to Goldy, who would pick the ball up and go to the bag himself for the out.

The Nats finally cracked and got on the board in the bottom of the 3rd, getting the inning started with a bang, hitting back-to-back bombs. Eaton would rip a Waino cutter down the RF line and Robles would take a curveball to the bullpen area in LCF to make it 2-0 Nats. After getting Soto to ground out to Deez, Waino would sort of lose his command, walking Adams and hitting Suzuki with a pitch. But he battled back, like he has shown the ability to all season, and struck out Kieboom on the buck nasty and Dozier on a sinker to escape the jam, leaving the damage at two.


The Cardinals did that thing again……..

That comeback thing……..

In the top of the 4th, with Sánchez’ pitch count rising, the Cards would work that two out rally magic. Deez worked a one out walk after a Goldy fly out to begin the inning, followed by a Swags line out to Dozier at 2B. Cafecíto would rip his second hit of the night (the Cards second hit, too) to LF, bringing up Yadi, who drew a walk to load the bases. KoWo showed off his big kahunas next, dropping down the unthinkable and perfect bunt down the 3B line, scoring Deez to keep the bases loaded for Harry. And Haaaaaaarry just kept being clutch, sending a two run single barely over the head of Dozier into CF to score Café and Yadi to give the Birds a 3-2 lead.

Waino threw his best three innings the 4th-6th, needing only 22 pitches, allowing only one hit, getting 4 ground outs, 4 fly outs and a pop out.

The Cards stranded two hits in the 5th and 6th vs Sánchez and Suero. Pauly Deez Dubs ripped another double into LF, his 14th of the season, and 20th xbh of the season, the same amount as that Bellinger fella in LA. KoWo was the stranded runner in the 6th vs Suero, singling into CF and stealing 2B, his 5th stolen bag of the year. Suero would strikeout the side in the inning.

Tony Sipp and former Cardinal, Kyle Barraclough would strikeout the side in order in the 7th, getting Waino, Carp (golden sombrero strikeout), and Goldy. Barraclough’s only batter that inning was Goldy, as he entered via a double switch, with Kendrick taking over for Difo at 3B batting in the pitchers spot.

Waino would take the mound for his 7th inning of work, getting Kendrick on a grounder to KoWo for the first out. Eaton kept being a tough out for Waino, as he lined a single into CF to bring up Robles, who was drilled by a sinker on his right knee. This forced Shildt to turn to his pen with the dangerous Soto coming up to bat. Shildt would turn to one of his two lefties, going with Ty Webb. And talk about a ballsy move paying off in the blink of an eye, Webb would get Soto to ground into an inning ending, 6-3 double play on the first pitch he threw.

Webb would go back out to begin the 8th, as Big City would reach base to begin the inning, getting some help from the lip of the infield grass leading into RF. Adams grounded a ball into the shift to KoWo, who was playing in the grass, and the ball went thru KoWo’s legs for the error. With the tying run now on base, Shildt would go with the always reliable G-Spot, and he wouldn’t dissapont. Gant would get end the inning throwing 15 pitches, getting the first three batters he faced. Suzuki would fly out to O’Neill in RF (took over for Café in the inning), Kieboom would pop out to KoWo and Dozier would strikeout looking at a 97mph heater, painted.

Gant was given the chance to lock down the possibility of his 3rd save in the 9th, striking out Gomes, who took over for Suzuki as part of a double switch in the 9th, on the four-seamer. Kendrick came up next, dropping the perfect bloop single into shallow RF, bringing in the top of the order in Eaton. Shildt would go back to his pen, bringing in the veteran lefty, Andrew Miller, looking for his 1st save of 2019. Miller did what he’s supposed to do, striking out Eaton, making him look absolutely silly on a slider way outta the zone. The slider command has been amazing these past few weeks. Robles then popped back out softly to Miller on the mound for the final out, pushing the Cards winning streak up to 4 games with the 3-2 win.

Pauly Deez extended his hitting streak to 10 games, the Cards picked up their 10th comeback win of the season (tied for 1st in the MLB), and Waino delivered his 4th QS of the year.

The Liz King (2-2, 5.29) takes the mound tomorrow night vs Mad Max (1-3, 4.12). This one will be a grab your popcorn and beer type of game. First pitch 6:05pm c/t.

Cheers, Stew


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