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Game 149 Recap vs Dodgers

Dodgers torture Cardinals with 17-4 annihilation, take first three at Busch to gain sole possession of 2nd WC spot

\Well, this will be an easy one to recap, the Dodgers scored a bunch and the Cardinals scored very little. The hits were one sided too, as the Dodgers clubbed 16, while the Cards accounted for 5.

Basically every Cards pitcher got blasted today besides Chasen Shreve, and he still wasn’t lights out, walking two, but also picking up a strikeout and a double-play. Here’s the pitching lines, just to make you sick:

Gant: (4.1IP, 6 hits, 6r/6er, 4 bb, 4 k’s, 75 pitches) Webb: (0IP, 1 hit, 1r/1er, 0 bb, 0 k’s)

Mayers: (0.2IP, 1 hit, 1r/1er, 0 bb, 1 k) Leone: (0.2IP, 3 hits, 2r/2er, 0 bb, 0 k’s)

Shreve: (1IP, 2 hits, 0r/0er, 2 bb, 1 k)

Weaver: (2.1IP, 3 hits, 7r/3er, 4 bb, 3 k’s)

Yasiel Puig continued his rage fest, as if 2 HRs last night wasn’t enough, clubbing 3 more today (7 RBI). Puig became the true Cardinal killer for 2018, and in a two game span (sorry Cervelli and Suárez).

Machado and Bellinger also added HRs, Machado sending a 2-run shot in the 1st off Gant and Bellinger unloading a 3-run shot off Weaves in the 9th. I figured I was still probably the only person watching this shit-show at this point, so if you gutted the toad like me, congrats.

Ahhhh, so you’re wondering how the Cards scored 4 runs? What if I told you Patrick Wisdom, and that’s all you need to know. Wiz blasted a grand slam to Big Mac Land in the 4th to give the Cards the lead at the time, 4-3. He also had both STL hits at this time, reaching his first at bat on a squibbed infield single.

Then things got U-G-L-Y.

Our Lord and Savior, Adam Wainwright (1-3, 4.70) takes the ball in game-four, looking to salvage a devastating sweep to the squad that sat 2 games behind them in the WC standings heading into the series. Ross Stripling (8-3, 2.61) will match up with Waino under the lights, as tonight’s must-win game is Sunday Night Baseball (yayyyyyyy *sarcasm*). First pitch 7:05 c/t.

Thanks for reading, cheers!

Game 149 is in the books

by Stew/@StewStilez


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