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Game 130 Recap vs Rockies

Uneventful first 6 innings turn into an 8th inning nightmare for the Cardinals as they drop game-two 9-1

Before breaking this game down, and believe me there’s not much cool stuff to break down here tonight, I’ll make a few key highlights:

- The Cardinals 9-game road winning streak would come to an end tonight

- KoWo strained his left hamstring reaching for 1B on a ground out in the 2nd inning

- Mike Mayers was removed from his relief outing in the 8th with an apparent injury

- Matt Holliday hit a pinch-hit bomb (because baseball)

- The 8th inning was hell

- The Cardinals still have the chance to win their ninth-straight series Okay, you pretty much get the gist of it after reading those highlights.

But Johnny G and German Marquez were beyond exceptional tonight. Johnny G wouldn’t give up his first run until the bottom of the 7th with two outs, a pinch-hit bomb to Matt freakin’ Holliday. This was only the third Rockies hit of the game, giving them a late 1-0 lead.

Johnny G’s final line: (7IP, 3 hits, 1r/1er, 5 bb, 6 k’s, 97 pitches)

Marquez on the other hand would scatter three hits through his 7 innings of shutout ball tonight. Carp, leadoff guy, started the game breaking an (0-10) skid with a single into RF. Marquez then retired 10 straight, giving up a one-out single to Cafecíto in the 4th inning. Marquez had the strikeout pitch grooving tonight, striking out 9, 8 coming on breaking pitches.

Marquee’s final line: (7IP, 3 hits, 0r/0er, 1 bb, 9 k’s, 95 pitches)

The Cardinals answered back after the Holliday HR, tying things up 1-1 in the top of the 8th off Adam Ottavino. Haaaaaaarry opened the frame with a double into RCF, moving to 3B on Greg Garcia’s bunt single, putting runners on the corners. With Carp batting, he would take ball four in the dirt, getting away from Wolters, allowing Haaaaaaaarry to zoom into home to even things up. Carp would steal 2B to put runners in scoring position for Yadi and Cafecíto, but they wouldn’t come through, letting the Rockies off easy.

Hudson, Cecil, Mayers, and Weaves would combine to throw the bottom of the 8th inning, aka the aforementioned inning from hell. The Rockies batted around, connecting for 10 hits, plating 8 runs to make it a 9-1 Rockies lead and win.

Big G (3-0, 2.98) looks to lead the Cardinals to their 9th-straight series win tomorrow afternoon, matching up against Mr. Duck, Tyler Anderson (6-6, 4.45). First pitch 2:10 c/t.

Thanks for reading, cheers!

Game 130 is in the books

by Stew/@StewStilez


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