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Chirps: What About Waino?

Adam Wainwright has been the anchor of the Cardinals rotation for most of the last decade plus.

Despite multiple seasons spent on the disabled list (which then means multiple seasons attempting to come back from significant injuries), his performance and reliability stack up with many of the greatest in Cardinals history.

But this isn't a show (or a league, as far as baseball is concerned) about history.

As Adam Wainwright prepares for his 14th seasons in St. Louis -- after being prepared to walk away last fall -- what does he really have left?

A multitude of questions surround the once-ace's 2019, so Tara and Alex tried to answer, well, all of them... in 40 minutes or less.

  • How healthy is Wainwright, really?

  • Is he truly still a starter?

  • Does his contract lend itself to "as-needed" assignments in relief?

  • Are the Cardinals too driven by nostalgia?

  • Do fans under value Waino's past because of his present?

  • Where does Uncle Charlie belong in Cardinals lore?

And, the #ChirpOfTheWeek brings it all back to the only real current event of the week - Kyler Murray. Because, baseball.


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