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Chirps: The Ozuna Conundrum

At Winter Warm Up, John Mozeliak created some apprehension about Marcell Ozuna's physical readiness.

When Yadier Molina followed that up by expressing his hopes that the slugger - who has spend the winter in the Dominican Republic - would be ready for Opening Day, the panic ensued.

So, this week, Tara and Alex break down the Ozuna conundrum:

  • Is he healthy?

  • Why doesn't the team know anything?

  • Is it reasonable to worry that he might not be capable of playing a key role as planned?

  • With this knowledge (or lack thereof), why aren't the Cardinals all-in on Harper?

  • Does this set up to be Tyler O'Neill's big break?

(Also, it's Alex's birthday week. So, wish him the happiest of celebrations to him!)

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Ben Cerutti
Ben Cerutti
Feb 01, 2019

I had this to say about Ozuna on Twitter. Thought I'd put it here, too...

Why am I terrified of Marcell Ozuna in LF and at cleanup?

Here are the second best totals of his career:


That's not his second best season, that's cherry picked. The BEST in EACH CATEGORY in his other 5 seasons.

His career averages including his 2017 season: .277/.329/.452/.781

That means that each of his other 5 individual seasons are WORSE than his career average. His median season must be MUCH lower.

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