Cardinals Organizational Rankings: Top 5 Outfielders

Updated: Nov 29, 2017

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Magneuris Sierra: Age 21, MLB - 60 AB, 19 H, 0 Doubles, 0 HR, 5 RBI, 2SB/2CS, 14 SO, 4 BB, 317/359/317/676


Again, I'm going to keep in short in regards to the players that you know, but I want you to know that, to be contrarian to Baseball America, Sierra is absolutely the best defensive outfielder in the organization. That might change as Oscar Mercado gets more seasoning and consistency in the outfield, but right now it's Sierra. That being said, If Sierra were on the top 5 list below he'd be 5th on that list. Currently, he doesn't have any type of offensive profile. He doesn't take enough walks or steal enough bases to utilize his plus-speed and he doesn't hit the ball often enough or hard enough even when he squares up a ball. He's still only 21, so maybe he'll grown into it(odds are against it)?

You know him, you love him, you probably over-value him.

Harrison Bader: Age 23, MLB - 85 AB, 20 H, 3 Doubles, 3 HR, 10 RBI, 2SB/1CS, 24 SO, 5 BB, 235/283/376/659


The ultimate grinder, Harrison Bader should never have been able to stick in center with his skill set. Yet, there he is doing it well enough to grade out as average. He definitely isn't afraid to go all out for a ball:

The most obvious comp to Bader is former Cardinals prospect James Ramsey. What gives Bader the edge is his brain and his underappreciated athleticism. If he were on the list below he'd probably be 2nd because he's already made a major league impact and he's ready to fill in at a moments notice, Now, if we were talking about potential alone he would ultimately be fourth because he's too aggressive at the plate, he hits sliders like Randal Grichuk does, and the minute he looses a step he becomes a below-average hitting left fielder.

*The stats for both Sierra and Bader are MLB only stats*


1. Tyler O'Neill: Age 22, Triple-A - 146 AB, 37 H, 5 Doubles, 1 Triple, 12 HR, 39 RBI, 5SB/0CS, 43 SO, 10 BB, 253/304/548/852


First, I've decided that I'm only going to provide you with Tyler's stats as a member of the Cardinals organization. It's well known in the industry that the Mariners have compromised their prospects to varying levels. It wasn't until Alex Jackson was freed from the organization for him to thrive and rebuild his stock. After an up and down 2017 season, I wouldn't be surprised if O'Neill has the same kind of stock-restoring success during the 2018 season as Jackson did in 2017. I want you know how he did once he got away from that environment.

O'Neill is the most unique and important prospect in the entire organization. He's the only hitter with the upside of a super star and he's the only player capable of hitting for enough power for it to send the fan base into fits of excitement.

A hero of Canada, O'Neill is widely regarded as one of the best power hitters in the minors. There are some serious flaws in his game, namely his two strike approach. The other thing with O'Neill is, even though he played CF down the stretch and has played a solid RF during his minor league career, he is a prototypical LF and there isn't a problem with that.

2. Randy Arozarena: Age 22, Double-A - 428 AB, 114 H, 32 Doubles, 4 Triples, 11 HR, 49 RBI, 18SB/7CS, 87 SO, 40 BB, 266/346/437/783


There's a triumvirate of Cardinals prospects, led by Arozarena and accompanied by Andrew Knizner and Ryan Helsley, that I like so much and that I am so high on that I might not be able to view them objectively. Oh well...

As talented as Randy is, he's also a high energy, high hustle player. He made headlines all over baseball when he turned an infield pop up into a triple during this heads up play:

Arozarena can be one of the most electric prospects in all of the minors. It could even be argued that he's the most athletic prospect in the entire system. He had a weird season in which he struggled at first in Palm Beach (I hate the Florida State League) but then turned it on in the mid-part of May and crushed the Florida State League. Next he received a promotion to Springfield and mashed at first, but then proceeded to struggle again at the end of the season.

So far, "Arousalrena" has been pretty good in the Mexican Fall League, flashing the same power/speed/athleticism that puts him second on this list. One thing worth noting: he's been way better as a LF then as a CF in both the field and at the plate. He's one helluva LF, too.

3. Jose Adolis Garcia: Age 24, Triple-A - 445 AB, 129 H, 34 Doubles, 2 Triples, 15 HR, 65 RBI, 15SB/9CS, 108 SO, 33 BB, 290/340/476/817


I'm so drunk on the potential of Randy Arozarena that I've put him one spot ahead of a prospect that is almost as athletic and further along in his development than Randy is. Jose Adolis Garcia(get used to reading JAG, because that's what I refer to him as almost exclusively) has easily the best Outfield arm in the organization. He's also built like a brick-outhouse (you know what I wanted to say there). Take a look at where this moonshot lands: