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Hurricane Fiona Relief - Birds Charity

Mi familia…

Hurricane Fiona made landfall in my home country of Puerto Rico over the weekend bringing historic rainfall and damage to the island. Like many other Puerto Ricans living in the United States, I have friends and family who still reside on the island. While the majority of my family are safe and slowly getting electricity and water back, there are thousands who wont have electricity and water for days. Puerto Rico must rebuild bridges, repair collapsed roads, and help those devastated by flooding.

Here is where I turn to you:

With the gracious help of @cardinalsgifs, we want to create an opportunity for this community to offer assistance to the people of Puerto Rico. Below is a T-shirt we made to serve as a thank you for making a donation to CONPRMETIDOS. All proceeds from the shirt will go to Hurricane Fiona Relief.

As fans of the St. Louis Cardinals and Yadier Molina, I ask for your help and support in bringing relief to Puerto Rico.

Thank you,



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