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About Last Night: Cardinals Rally Behind Adam Wainwright

Looking for their first win at home — and the first win of the series — the Cardinals turned to veteran Adam Wainwright… and no one but (probably) Wainwright himself expected what happened next.

It was a classic showing from the former Cy Young candidate, begging the question… can Father Time actually be beaten?

Plus, Kolten Wong. Just... that's all. Kolten Wong.

The Cardinals picked up a big win, so let me tell you all about it!

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Our Wonger is just truly beautiful, is he not? The KMOX cranks have been getting on my nerves misunderstanding what a complete package of a player he is. Really, it's ok if he doesn't always move the runner to 3B (before Waino strikes out). Not a federal crime.

He really saved the game (and bailed out Shildt) with that incredible sliding catch. When you make a double switch trying to protect a 1-run lead (and get 2 innings from Brebs) don't insert Cafecito when Tyler O'Neill is available. You just don't. Yes, Tyler looks like a "bro" who would kick sand in your face on the beach, but he is actually remarkably fast and graceful in the field. I'd…

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