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27 Times Yadier Molina Was Relatable Enough To Be Your Spirit Animal's Patronus

1. When you feel a little lost and alone on the first day of school until your homie shows up.

2. When you experience zero gravity for the first time, and the coolest thing you can do is watch your stuff float.

3. When your friends ask about going to the club, and you know you just got PAID!

4. When you can't get your lighting right, so you just make your own damn angle.

5. When you and your significant other finally get reservations at the hottest restaurant in town, and you gotta get that Instagram shot before you spill food on yourselves.

6. When you can't find your cell phone and ignore everything else in the world while you look for it.

7. When you walk into the break room for lunch and realize that your leftover pizza is sitting at home on your kitchen counter.

8. When your in-laws are just backing out of the driveway after a long weekend visit, and you are counting down the seconds until you can run naked around your house.

9. When you've got that one friend who is always goofing around.

10. When someone sends you a text that completely turns your day around.

11. When everyone gets excited about your "Christ the Redeemer" pose because nobody else remembers the "Nestea Plunge".

12. When you are totally ready to fight someone IRL over whether a hot dog is a sandwich.

13. When you have to wrestle your little brother into submission for the change under the couch cushions.

14. When you are bored of channel surfing and then realize that the HBO free trial weekend just started.

15. When the HBO free trial weekend ends...

16. When you walk through the living room at 2am and almost step on the cat.

17. When that 24K Magic song infiltrates every part of your life.

18. When you ate someone's Snickers but got away by blaming it on someone else.

19. When you suddenly have the urge to throw your hands up in the air sometimes saying "Ayo! Gotta let go!"

20. When you get tired of explaining how to do that one dance move, so you just show everybody.

21. When everything you made for dinner finishes at the same time and is still hot, but nobody is giving you a standing ovation.

22. When you and your crew are getting that VIP treatment, and the only facial expression you can make is "cheesy grin".

23. When someone asks you if you've had too much coffee.

24. When you leave crackers at home for your brother, and then you wish you had saved some for yourself, because he ate them all.

25. You've looked everywhere and still can't find that pen you were just using.

26. You've got beef with someone, and your friends can only hold your crazy ass back for so long.

27. When someone tosses you the tv remote, and suddenly you've been entrusted with the physical safety of the Holy Grail.

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