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For me, baseball is more than just a game. Baseball is a shared passion that connects both strangers and loved ones, and it brings us all together. Some of my earliest memories are going to baseball games with my father. I can vividly remember jumping up with my father as the crowd at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore erupted with euphoria after an Eddie Murray grand slam. I recall the anticipation of knowing I was about to see my first Ozzie Smith back flip at the 1995 All Star Game in Pittsburgh with my brothers and father. And nothing made me smile more than when my son jumped out of his seat with the fireworks to celebrate the first home run he had ever witnessed at Busch Stadium III in St. Louis.

While I did not eventually grow up to be a baseball player (I could never hit a curve ball), I did become a lawyer. I have been practicing law for many years now, and I have argued complex legal issues before many different courts throughout the United States. I currently practice litigation, business law, and sports law at Longman & Van Grack, LLC. While I grew up in the Washington DC area, I went to college and law school in St. Louis at Washington University. As a baseball fan free agent upon arriving in St. Louis, I instantly became a St. Louis Cardinals fan, and I have been part of Cardinals Nation ever since.

As a lawyer, I am constantly evaluating laws, statutes, cases, decisions, and rules for the benefit of my clients. However, I have also come to realize there are similarities between following the rules/decisions within baseball and the following the rules/decisions within our judicial system. Thus, as a baseball fan and a lawyer, I wanted to share some of my opinions related to the rules and decisions within baseball. Thus, Law & Batting Order was born.

Through Law & Batting Order, I plan to evaluate some of the rules and decisions within baseball from a legal perspective. Do certain baseball rules make sense? Should certain rules be changed? Was a legal decision related to a baseball issue properly decided? Was a rule evaluated properly? My opinions in Law & Batting Order will almost always take on a legal perspective – after all, that’s how I write when I’m addressing a court of law. Hopefully, through Law & Batting Order, I will be able to bring a legal perspective to the game of baseball… and, in the process, share my love for the game of baseball with you.

Adam Van Grack

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