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"The Prospect Macarena" Q&A #3

Hello again everyone! We've branded our Prospect Q&A "The Prospect Macarena"! Be on the look out for it! Subscribe to the Birds On The Black Podcast HERE. There you'll be connected to all of the podcast goodness that you can handle. Not just "The Prospect Macarena", but all of the we plan on bringing to you throughout the year.

Per usually, I asked the amazing Birds On The Black Community for questions about prospects and they did not disappointed! Here's what we discussed:

- Austin Lamb had some question about New Cardinals acquisition Conner Greene and his future and potential.

- Heath Wayman asks about a mechanical change in Austin Gomber's delivery.

- Ryan Massey asked for a breakdown of the potential Memphis Rotation.

- Neal Hellner asks if Max Schrock could be a fit in the super utility role.

- Luke Flusche asks a series of intersting questions

  1. Which of the new prospects acquired this offseason has the highest upside

  2. Which of the new prospects will contribute the most to the 2018 Cardinals

  3. Where will each start the year

- Allen Medlock asked for the opening day outfields for both Springfield and Memphis

- Redbird Army Choir wants to know more about RHP Jake Woodford and Junior Fernandez

- The esteemed Daniel Shoptaw asks who I trust the most from an evaluating perspective

- G Dubb ask for a fantasy sport sleeper that isn't projected on the Cardinals opening day 25-man roster

- Austin Lamb asks the impossible: Aside from Alex Reyes, which Prospect has the best shot at a HoF career.

And, as always, I'm drinking! Thanks to @Cardinalsgifs and @NChill17 for putting together the video.

Thanks For Listening!


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