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Spring Training Lockscreens

A wise woman once said

"When I say... 'let me check my schedule' I literally mean the baseball schedule" - Alexis

I always found that quote fitting. It separates a certain fan from another. Obviously all fans are created equal, but when someone asks you what your plans are for the evening and you hesitate, you might be a die hard. Your friends might say you don't have a life, but in reality they just don't like baseball.

Anyway, If you are reading this, that means you have made it to the week before live baseball games. Congratulations. I am a man that likes options in life. So , I made 3 options to choose from.

  1. Day Time style

  2. Night Time style

  3. After Dark style

Maybe you like bright colors, maybe you like dark ambiance, or maybe you enjoy prospects... We are doing something very different, perhaps very odd, but I do not care.

If you are not familiar with prospects, do not worry, let Kyle play matchmaker for you. He will e-harmony you with a prospect based off whatever he sees fit. It will be at random, unless you have a prospect in mind. This will be your prospect match. Perfect for those who aren't familiar. He also has nicknames for them.

If you have a request for a player please request with a comment below, e-mail me, or reach out on twitter @cardinalsgifs. Ill start a thread on my profile and pin it to my page. (DM works great, just sayin)

Also, You must be a member to retrieve these lockscreens. Become a member. Becoming a member is free, takes a few seconds, and is very easy to do.

Next week is baseball, and I can not tell you how much that excites me and scares me at the same time.

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