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Series Preview: Cardinals @ Cubs

The Cardinals and Cubs have each seen their fair share of NL Central teams already this month, but there's nothing quite like the Cubs/Cardinals rivalry... I don't care what American League fans say!

Corey Fineran is one of the hosts of the Ivy Envy podcast (@IvyEnvy). While I can't imagine many of you Cardinals fans would choose to listen to a Cubs podcast, I did it for you, and I can tell you, it's a good one!

Both Anthony Rizzo and Jedd Gyorko could return to action early this week.

José Martínez could make his lasting mark on the rivalry.

And Jon Lester will have another go at Matt Carpenter... who could use a confidence boost or two in the series.

Note: Technology is a mystery. Why only one video feed was captured, I may never know. But... it just means I'll have to have Corey back again, so Skype and I can get it together. Nonetheless... the conversation was great, and I hope you enjoy it anyway.


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