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Series Preview #2: Adam Wainwright's 2019 Debut In Pittsburgh

The Cardinals left Milwaukee with a 1-3 record after Opening Weekend.

So... not quite what they'd imagined, I'm sure.

But before they get home to St. Louis for their own Opening Day, they have to make a brief stop in Pittsburgh to take on Chris Archer and the Pirates.

The Pirates are in a strange transition year -- there's enough pitching to win, bu tif the hitting and defense doesn't keep up, things could get very frustrating very fast.

Nubyjas Wilborn has been with the team since Spring Training and has all the details on what might make this team an NL Central surprise.

But for the Cardinals, it's Adam Wainwright who has everyone waiting with baited breath. What will he look like -- vintage Waino, or an over-the-hill has been?

It's time to find out.


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