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S1E6: Winter Wonder-Land || The Joey Mellows (aka the Baseball Brit) Episode

If Major League Baseball is going to London, we should to.

But if you *can't* get to the UK for the upcoming series in June, at least take a minute (or 25) to introduce yourself to the growing and passionate #MLBUK community.

Joey Mellows - the Baseball Brit - is here to help.

From an introduction to baseball in Japan to a world-wide baseball tour last summer, Joey's journey around the game is the envy of many a baseball fan. But his goal is greater than just living the ultimate baseball dream - it's about introducing more and more people across the pond to the game many of us in the States have always known.

We talk Yankees vs. Red Sox in London, the booming UK baseball community, and where you can meet up with Joey this summer (St. Louis is, in fact, on the schedule!).

Let me know in the comments where you'd like to see baseball go next? And, would you like to see Cubs vs. Cards be the featured international matchup one year?

Be sure to follow Joey on twitter @BaseballBrit, and while you're there, give @uk_cardinals a follow, too.

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