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S1E5: Winter Wonder-Land || The Derrick Goold Episode

Since trading for Paul Goldschmidt, the St. Louis Cardinals have been quiet.

Or at least they were, until Thursday evening when they reportedly put a deal (nearly) in place to bring Andrew Miller to The Lou. Good thing Derrick and I didn't talk about the bullpen in this episode.

As with many other MLB teams this winter, no news doesn't necessarily mean no action. But while we wait to see who wins the Bryce Harper lottery (wait, if you *get* money from a lottery, this analogy doesn't really hold up, does it?) and to see how the Cardinals go about bolstering their young and volatile bullpen (Surprise! It's probably Andrew Miller), I sat down with St. Louis Post Dispatch writer and host of The Best Podcast In Baseball, Derrick Goold (@dgoold), to hash a few things out.

We talk "Mo-Speak," the latest Dexter Fowler drama, Kolten Wong's All-Star potential (yes, I had to ask...) and Yadier Molina's Hall of Fame case... 7 years early.

And no, I didn't ask him why the Cardinals haven't -- and likely won't -- sign Bryce Harper. I saved that for someone else to ask in his next chat for the paper.


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