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S1E11: Winter Wonder-Land || The Chris Hrabe Episode

Spring Training games begin this weekend, but KMOX's Chris Hrabe (@chrabe) is already in mid-spring form, bringing daily coverage from Jupiter to the air waves and the interwebs.

From Paul Goldschmidt to Carlos Martínez, and from Drew Robinson to John Brebbia, the opening act of Spring 2019 has brought plenty of headlines (and a few head scratchers, too!). And, between a rousing PFP tournament and the next stroll through the parking lot, Chris took a little time to share his thoughts on the latest iteration of the St. Louis Cardinals thus far.

  • What exactly is going on with Carlos?

  • How is Goldy fitting in?

  • Who's made the biggest impression thus far?

  • And... is Michael Wacha even there???

All that, and more in this week's show. Plus, we round it out with YOUR questions for Chris, along with a delightful story about Yairo Muñoz you won't want to miss.


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