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"Prospect Macarena" Q&A #5

Hello again everyone!

It's been too long since we've done one of these! For those that might be new to this, I like to take to Twitter and ask my loyal followers (who we are calling "The Resistance" these days because why not!) and the Birds On The Black family for their questions about the Cardinals' minor league system. Usually, we get a solid turnout of eight to twelve questions and the video usually lasts about 30-40 minutes.

This time we had 20 people ask 25 questions in total! So, we broke this up into two videos/podcast for easy access! Thanks again to all that participated!

Here is what we discussed:

  • We talked about Delvin Perez and what's been going on with him

  • The biggest riser and faller in the organization so far in 201

  • The three best arms between Palm Beach and Peoria

  • The expectations of Terry Fuller and what a successful 2018 season for him will look like

  • We gave an update on Dylan Carlson

  • We talk about the biggest surprise in the lower levels

  • Try to decide if to decide if the bats of Wilfredo Tovar and Max Schrock could play in the majors right now

  • We go over the players in the system that might be able to crack a midseason Top 100 list

  • We workshop a potential ETA for Evan Mendoza

More importantly than any of this, we ask the age old question posed by Holy_Shildt on Twitter: "What has the better future: The Cardinals' system or my chances of reproduction?"

All of this and more! A Special thanks to Nicholas Childress for editing the video and YoungRedbirdfan, Adam Butler, Matt Moore, Tom McCoy, Holy Shildt, Daniel Shoptaw, CardsNation247, Austin Lamb, and Stew Stilz for providing the questions.

Episode six should be out in the very near future (Like, tommorow-ish).

Thanks For Reading, Watching, and/or Listening!


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