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Game 78 Recap vs Indians

The Leadoff Guy Game, Among Other Things

Another rain delay, this one coming on Tsunami day, ironic. Tsunami had a quiet 8 strikeouts after a shaky 1st inning, looking to settle back in after his June woes.

Corey Kluber is apparently not a robot, turning in his shortest career start (1.2 innings, 6 hits, 6r/6er, 1 bb, 2 k’s).

Matt Carpenter, leadoff guy, is a freaking legend at mashing baseballs:

1st AB off Kluber: leadoff bombskis

2nd AB off Kluber: RBI single to RF, great base running from the Brah

3rd AB off Tomlin: single to RF

4th AB off Tomlin: double to RF

5th AB off Kontos: HR #2 to CF

Carp is the first Cardinal to go (5-5), scoring 5 runs in a game since Stan Musial in 1948.

What he did tonight was historical, but honestly, does it surprise you? If there was one Cardinal to accomplish such a feat like that since 1948, Carp would’ve been my pick, without hesitation either.

Tonight’s conclusion is that Matt Carpenter is an elite hitter. If his steady performance since 05/16 hasn’t proved that already, tonight certainly did.

Oh, yeah, the Cardinals also won the game 11-2, their fourth straight win. Cafecíto and Wong also added HR’s to help contribute in the blowout win.

Jack Flaherty (3-2, 2.50) looks to compete the sweep tomorrow night, facing off against Shane Bieber (2-0, 2.45). First pitch 7:15 c/t.

Some of this, yes please

Thanks for reading, cheers!

Game 78 is in the books

by Stew/@StewStilez


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