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Game 76 Recap - Cardinals vs Angels

Pujols homers in Cardinals 4-2 defeat of the Angels

Ok, the headline might seem like something out of a 2011 Cardinals game, but Albert Pujols gave St. Louis fans yet another moment to remember. In the 7th inning Pujols came to the plate and smashed a pitch over the fence. The Cardinals were up 4-1 at this point, so the fans at Busch Stadium welcomed the homer. Never in my 24 years of life have I seen an opposing team's fans cheer so loudly for a home run by the other team, but here we are. Not only did they applaud him as he rounded the bases, but they continued until big #5 came out of the dugout for a curtain call. While the Cardinals went on to win the game, this was certainly the highlight of the day and possibly the whole season so far.

The rest of the game went as follows:

• Hudson pitched seven strong innings, giving up only the home run to Pujols.

• The Cardinals scored two runs on a Hudson bunt that was thrown away.

• Ozuna hit his 20th home run deep down the left field line, making it 4-0 Cardinals in the 6th.

• Miller and Hicks combined to pitch the eighth inning. Upton homered, but Hicks got Mike Trout to strike out looking.

• Jordan Hicks was removed from the game after getting the first two outs of the 9th inning, which really put a damper on the day as a whole. Honestly it was a pretty perfect game other than this. :(

• Tyler Webb recorded the final out and the Cardinals won 4-2.

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