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Game 73 Recap - Cardinals vs Marlins

The Cardinals win 2-1 as Ponce de Leon keeps the Marlins quiet and Goldy walks it off in the 11th

Gotta say, that game was real close to being the most disappointing of the season, but the Cardinals pulled it out in the end. Not the most exciting game as a whole, but the ending made it worth while for those that stuck around until the conclusion. While it seems like runs are extremely hard to come by, apparently two is enough to beat the lowly Marlins. The Cardinals earn themselves at least a split in the four game series, but will look to win it tomorrow night at 6:15pm ct.

• Ponce de Leon pitches six strong innings

• Rangel Ravelo gets his first MLB hit

• Fowler bloops in Bader to take the lead

• The Marlins tie it in the 8th

• Hicks and Gant shut down the Marlins in the 7-11th innings

• Cardinals fail to score with the bases loaded in the 10th

• Goldy walks it off in the 11th

I'm obviously no @stewstilez, but thanks for reading


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