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Game 71 Recap Marlins vs Cardinals

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Hello to the loyal 3 people that read these game recaps, shout out to Jeff for buying me a few drinks last week, appreciate that and I will be getting you back in Colorado for those drinks, mark my words.

Well it is not Stew it is @cardinalsgifs here to recap the win from last night. Go me. 3 hours before the next game starts. First, shout out to the lovely Lauren Elaine for hooking up the scorecard, which Ill put after this paragraph.

I have under 8 minutes so let me recap the game.

Mikolas cut his hair prior to the start and pitched well. Going... I think 6 innings and giving up 0 ER, 0 BB's, probably struck out a few.

Matthew Martin Lee Carpenter came to the stadium prepared to #dothings. Like so (see tweets below)

In the 7th Gallegos came in to relieve Mikolas

I lied.

Gant came in to relieve him but I missed it.

Where was I... Gallegos came to relieve him. And did (I think it's safe to say this) "Gallegos things" striking out two in 1.0 IP

Fowler with the- oh wait, he steps back, takes a shot, FOR THREEEEEEEE!!!

and last

but not least

Jordan Hicks came into pitch. Only took him ~7 pitches to get 3 outs. It was a insipid game, Mik did his job. Matty C did his job. Fowler did his job. Bullpen did their job. Ill take it!

Thank you for your time


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