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Chirps: Revisiting the Outfield Options

The dynamic duo is back together again! In the return of both Tara and Alex, they revisit the idea of the potentially problematic outfield arrangement, including Marcell Ozuna and Dexter Fowler.

The changes to the equation in the last couple of weeks are dramatic enough to earn a few extra minutes of show time, too!

  • With both Ozuna and Fowler swinging hot bats, does the outlook change for the Cardinals daily lineup?

  • What happens when Harrison Bader rejoins the active roster on Wednesday?

  • And where do the at bats for Tyler O'Neill come from now?

Plus, Alex connects Ozuna's wild wall climb, Fowler's home run "assist" and Martínez's unique swing to a little bit of history in this week's Chirp of the week!


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